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DirtBags Test Lab

Summer has finally arrived after months of what we were afraid would just be permafrost, in Laramie, WY. We spent all winter sewing bags. Now, it’s time, once again, to put them through the ringer in our test lab. I mean, after all, it’s our job. Calling a three day bikepacking trip in the Black Hills of South Dakota “work” is a bit of a stretch, but somebody has got to do it, right?

Our trip, as most do, threw us a few curve balls. We ended up on a 23 mile stretch that took about 7 hours with 34 creek crossings (yes, we counted!) that required a bike dismount and often lifting our 60 pound bikes onto a narrow bridge. This slower than expected day meant a very long last day, which is highly NOT recommended. One morning we woke up to frost (or should we say, “stayed up to”,  since the cold certainly made it hard to sleep)! But, on the upside, on day two we ended up in a tiny convenient store that just happened to have a full menu, cold beers, and showers!

The unexpected. This is what makes a bikepacking trip both exhilarating and a little freaky. Our highly scheduled, organized lives crave the unknowing. It unties the knots in the brain and body and reminds us of our deep inner strength and great resilience. The trip came and went in a flash and was the perfect way to start the Summer! Where will your bike take you this summer? What will it teach you?

Get everything you need to for your bikepacking adventures. Check out our Introductory Package! Get the all the bags you need to get going with a amiable discount when you buy them all together. Nature is healing. Bikes are awesome. What are you waiting for?

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